Is your car AA Roadworthy?

Is your car AA Roadworthy?

Just like the test of a good wine is in the drinking after a particularly good cultivation, your car needs to be nurtured through the years and tested regularly to ensure that it is still roadworthy. Your vehicle may be getting on in years which you begin to notice it as you start it up each morning, and even if you take particularly good care of it there are a few things you should check before going onto the roads.

Unless your vehicle is used for transporting people, such as a taxi or mini bus service you would usually only do a roadworthy check if you were selling the vehicle or registering a new one. Nevertheless, if you happen to be the owner of an older vehicle a lot of accidents could be avoided if you were to have it tested more frequently.

Why it is important to ensure your car is roadworthy?

As the Automobile Association (AA) explains, more than 70% of accidents are caused by vehicles in bad condition. Lights, tyres, engine, brakes… any of your vehicle’s parts could be damaged without you even being aware of a problem.

How and where can you do it?

In South Africa you can either have your vehicle tested in a public/municipal testing station or a private one. Check out the testing stations and the different testing options here. Or go to your closest AA centre.

To do the roadworthiness test you will need to bring the following documents:
The vehicle’s registration certificate

  • Your identity document (ID)
  • The prescribed fee
  • The Application for certification of roadworthiness (ACR) form completed.

Choose the most convenient testing station in your area to roadworthy your vehicle and get behind the wheel of your car feeling safer and with a sense of renewed responsibility! With a rent to buy vehicle the hassle of registration and roadworthiness is taken out of your hands, along with the worries of getting finance with no interest and unplanned balloon payments.