The New Datsun Go

Datsun re-entered the South African car market in late 2014 with the release of its Go model – a value for money hatchback that promises to deliver space, style and performance in a great small package. In this review, we take a look at the Go’s spec sheet and put it to the test. Datsun [...]

Is Vehicle Financing for You

Deciding to get a new car is an exciting time, especially if it’s your first one. But unless you’ve been saving for the last several years, you probably won’t be able to buy it directly. In this case, you’ll have three primary options: Financing the vehicle through a bank/registered credit provider, leasing the vehicle or [...]

There is No Blacklist, Just Your Credit Score

It’s something you always hear about, as if it were the last stopping point for bad debtors. Being blacklisted comes with such bad connotations and seems so economically debilitating, that there are businesses out there whose sole service is getting you off of it. But what is this fabled “blacklist”? Does everyone get sent a [...]

All Our Cars Include Vehicle Tracking

Crime is always a concern in South Africa, especially for those making their way on the roads. We’re all aware of the unseen dangers during our daily commute, particularly when the traffic is really dense. Some of the crime motorist find themselves victims to every day, include: Smash and grabs Hijackings Car theft Muggings And [...]

3 Ways Mechanical Breakdown Cover Helps You

We all know the hassles that come with vehicle breakdowns. Even after you’ve stood on the side of the road for hours, waiting on the tow truck, when they arrive the real concerns begin. How much is it going to cost? How long am I going to be immobile? Who am I going to send [...]

4 Reasons You Need Roadside Assistance Today

It’s a service that’s growing in popularity every day. Yet, still a frightening number of South Africans drive around each day without roadside assistance. Advances in remote technology in the last decade have given roadside assistance companies an unprecedented ability to help motorists quickly, regardless of where they’re located. It’s so vital that most vehicle [...]

5 Things to Look out for When Renting a Car on a Trip

Unlike a rent-to-won situation or leasing a car in the city you live in, renting a car in a foreign or unfamiliar place can be a scary process, depending on the destination. Various aspects of local contract law, industry practices and consumer-culture will influence how much of a fair deal you get on your vehicle [...]

Debt Review – The Pros and Cons

Debt review or debt counselling is only to be used as a last resort by those who are so overburdened by their debt that they cannot rectify the situation on their own. Many people across the country who are in a bad debt situation believe that debt counselling will magically fix all their problems. What [...]

Buying a New Car? Make Sure It Has These Essential Features

As little as 15 years ago, when you bought a new car it didn't come standard with all the things that we expect to find in a new car today. Features like power steering, a stereo system, and air-conditioning were all optional extras that you had to pay a small fortune for. With new technologies [...]

Get Your First Car Without The Financing Hassles

Buying your first car can be a difficult process to go through. If you’ve just finished university and found a new job, now you need a way to get to the office. The only problem is you don’t have your own transport. Now, on top of having no car, you also have no credit history. [...]

Volkswagen Polo Vivo Review

For years (and I’m sure for many more years to come) the VW Citi Golf was a staple sighting on any South African road – from Cape Town to Joburg and in any suburb. When Volkswagen South Africa decided to discontinue this reliable, well-priced, accessible vehicle in 2009 there was an outcry among South Africans. [...]

Benefits of Leasing Your Car

When buying a new car the consumer in South Africa is faced with a few different options. In order to accommodate a range of people in different economic situations you now have the choice between getting bank finance, arranging finance from a dealership, going for a rent-to-own option or simply leasing your car. For many [...]

Getting Car Finance

If you’ve applied for vehicle finance and been turned away by the banks, it could be due to a number of different reasons. Either the bank does not see you as a suitable candidate for a loan because of your work, or they are unwilling to give you a loan because of bad credit or [...]

How to Repair Your Credit Rating

Having a poor credit rating can be a serious problem. Apart from causing major stress in your life, it can also affect your ability to lead a normal life. But remember, if you do have bad credit, it won’t last forever. There are a few ways for you to fix your credit score and get [...]

5 Things You Need to Know About Credit

When it comes to credit, or even anything related to finance, most of us are ill-educated about the subject. However, the fact remains that we all use money every day, and as such we should all take the time to educate ourselves a little better about credit, debt and being blacklisted.

What Does It Mean To Be Blacklisted?

Unfortunately, being blacklisted is a reality for thousands of South Africans. There are a few reasons why you may be blacklisted, and knowing more about these reasons may help you have your blacklisting removed quicker.

Buy Your First Car, Even With No Credit History

Buying your first car is a difficult process for anybody. Choosing the right car, finding finance, and then paying it off over the next few years isn’t easy. This is all especially difficult for a lot of young people who’ve just left school or university and need a car to get to their jobs. Many of these people will have their car finance applications turned down because they have no credit history.