No Change In Monthly Costs – Why Rent To Buy is Best

No Change In Monthly Costs – Why Rent To Buy is Best

Planning is key, especially when it comes to your finances but no matter how diligently you go about arranging your financial affairs, unforeseen circumstances, hikes in interest rates or
unanticipated expenses can all contribute to financial uncertainty. With No Finance Cars, you can eliminate some of this risk by securing your monthly car payment. Rent to buy guarantees that for a fixed period of 54 months, you’ll experience no change in monthly costs.

How rent to buy works

For the duration of your fixed contract (usually 54 months), you will pay a fixed amount to rent a car. By paying this monthly rental fee you’ll actually be paying the monthly instalments on your car. During this time you will have full access to the vehicle and won’t be limited by any monthly mileage restriction.

As soon as all monthly payments have been made and your the car is paid in full, you will cease to be a renter and become the owner of your car. At this stage you are then given the option to buy the car you’ve been driving, for a fixed amount of R1 500, or to upgrade to a new car and continue paying a monthly rental toward it.

Your monthly rental fee is fixed for the duration of the lease agreement so you don’t run any risk of being caught off guard by balloon payments. This puts you in the convenient position of being able to better plan and control your monthly finances. You also have the added benefit of being able to rent a car regardless of your credit score. Rent to buy doesn’t impact your credit rating in any way
and maintaining good credit goes a long way towards important future purchases and home loans.

Driving a rent to buy car from No Finance Cars additionally means that you are covered in the event of a mechanical breakdown, which saves you from having to put away money in case your vehicle runs into any trouble. As an added bonus you’ll further be saving on costly roadside assistance services as all No Finance cars come standard with this crucial service.

For your piece of mind, apply for a No Finance Car today!