Upgrade Your Car Every 18 Months – Why Rent To Buy is Best

Upgrade Your Car Every 18 Months – Why Rent To Buy is Best

Purchasing a car is a lengthy commitment to not only the car you buy but also the bank or financial institution from which you obtain your financing.

Once you get behind the wheel of your new car, you’ll no doubt be driving it for years to come, despite the fact that your needs might become better suited to a newer or different model, or the amount you’re paying off is no longer equal to the value that the car has maintained. However, selling your car in order to afford this upgrade does not always yield the desired results:

  • you might not get the amount needed to be able to afford your next car deposit,
  • the bank might not approve you for a second loan or,
  • you might have trouble selling your car altogether.

With rent to buy cars , you are conveniently able to upgrade your car to a later model every 18 months.

Depreciation is no longer your concern

Financing a car purchase with your bank means that you won’t actually own the vehicle until it, and the interest that the loan comes with, has been fully paid off. With rent to buy, one of the best parts of not owning the car that you’re driving is that you don’t have to bear the risk of the value of the car depreciating. A new car’s value can drop by up to 20% alone in just it’s first year. Because you don’t own the rented vehicle, any loss of value is no longer your problem and you are free to upgrade your car without having to endure any unnecessary financial strain.

At No Finance Cars we offer our clients a convenient advantage in that they are able to rent the vehicle of their choice with no mileage limitations, at an affordable, fixed monthly rate. If you’re tired of trying to save for your next car or struggling to obtain financing, apply for rent to buy vehicle finance with No Finance Cars today!