Why Vehicle Tracking is Essential

Why Vehicle Tracking is Essential

Are you in the market for a new car, or thinking of upgrading your current model? We would like to share a motor industry secret with you – vehicle tracking isn’t necessary. It’s essential.

What’s the point of vehicle tracking?

This question has been asked many times at work, around the braai and even during wedding speeches, but what’s the answer? If your vehicle can’t be tracked, it can’t be recovered – and considering the chances of your car being stolen, that’s a risk you just can’t afford to take.

An average of 81 000 cars are stolen in South Africa each year, and if yours happens to be one of them, you’ll definitely want to get it back.

Does it really work?

Vehicle tracking systems use GPS to locate your vehicle after you report it stolen. Tracking companies work with the police or independent vehicle recovery teams to find your vehicle, arrest any suspects related to its theft, and return it to you. In many cases, this form of security has resulted in car owners getting their vehicles back with minimal or no damage.

“But I know someone who had vehicle tracking and didn’t get their car back…”

Many people use this reason to avoid investing in vehicle tracking, but consider this: you may know someone who didn’t get their vehicle back, but you probably know plenty of people who did.

As vehicle tracking technology advances, criminals become smarter. Unfortunately, some car thieves are able to bypass tracking systems – but they are in the minority. Vehicle tracking can be a powerful deterrent to would-be thieves who are ‘sizing up’ your car, and the fact that you have a tracking device installed may mean that you never have to use it – prevention is better than cure.
The very real benefits of vehicle tracking

If you’re still undecided about whether to get vehicle tracking for your car, here is a list of benefits that you will enjoy.

  • Peace of mind – knowing that your vehicle can be recovered
  • Insurance companies often require vehicle tracking before your vehicle can be covered
  • The ability to track your vehicle even when it hasn’t been stolen – parents of young adults will love this feature

If you’d like to get behind the wheel of a car that’s really worth tracking, contact us today. Our team will introduce you to the range of rent to buy vehicles we currently have on offer.