FAQ about No Finance Cars

FAQ about No Finance Cars 2016-11-15T17:08:18+00:00
How long is the rental period? 2015-10-13T07:05:51+00:00

The rental period is set at a standard 54 months with a fixed premium and no mileage limitation.

Am I allowed to let any other person drive the vehicle? 2016-11-15T17:08:25+00:00

Only if the person is a nominated driver as per the agreement.

In whose name will the vehicle be registered? 2015-11-17T08:23:30+00:00

The vehicle will remain in the name of No Finance Cars for the duration of the agreement.

Where can I service my vehicle? 2015-11-17T08:24:31+00:00

At a franchised workshop as per the manufacturer’s specification.

Am I allowed to put accessories on the vehicle? 2015-09-29T11:48:08+00:00

Yes you may , on condition that it add value to the vehicle.

Am I allowed to cross the border of South Africa into neighbouring countries with the vehicle? 2015-11-17T08:26:17+00:00

No, because we have no cover outside of South Africa.

Who is responsible for the service and maintenance of the vehicle ? 2015-09-29T11:47:28+00:00

The renter is responsible for the service and maintenance at his/her own cost.

When will the vehicle be mine ? 2015-09-29T11:46:59+00:00

At the end of the rental contract you pay R1500 and the documents for transferring the vehicle into your name will be given to you.