Your credit history does not have to affect your ability to get a good quality vehicle. There are some unique rent to own vehicle finance packages that are especially for people who are blacklisted making it possible for them to get and own a quality vehicle. There are some car leasing companies that offer the best quality, late model vehicles and they all have affordable payment schemes. Their vehicles usually come fully licensed, inspected and ready to drive, and they have usually been examined by mechanics. Not only that, they also come with extended warranties. They have professional sales teams who will guide you through the whole rent to own financial process and they will be able to answer all your questions.

Great news for the blacklisted and bad credit profiles

If you have poor payment profiles, you are a suitable candidate to apply for a rent-to-own vehicle finances and blacklisted people are also able to apply. Clients that want to trade in their used cars will also find this programmer beneficial, and even if you have debit orders that keep on being returned to you, you are also suitable candidates to apply. If you are someone who is more looking towards renting your car rather than actually buying a new car used car, you will find the rent to own scheme a wonderful opportunity for you, because you get the ability to sit down with the professional and work out your own flexible financial agreements with them.

The way the rent to own scheme works is that you as a customer will go to the rent to own car company and you will look around and pick out a car that you have had your eyes on for a long time. If you like that car, you will probably put down a down payment on the car and then you will make rental payments on a monthly basis on that car. All the payment that you make on your chosen car are applicable to the purchase of the car at a later stage so that when you make your last payment, the car is actually yours.

No credit checks

What is also so advantageous for people with bad credit profiles or if they are blacklisted, is that there are usually no credit checks done on your payment history. Some of these rent to own car companies offer you no sweat financing, so if you have no credit, if you have bad credit, if your possessions have been repossessed, if you are bankrupt, if you are a first time buyer, you are still welcome to come in and apply to rent to own a car, and with all of the above conditions applying to you, there will still be no credit checks done on you.

There are some qualifications that you have to abide with to rent to own a car, and usually you have to be over the age of eighteen years old. You will have to show one document and that is your identity document. Usually you will also have to show proof of residence, like your telephone bill which show the car leasing company that you have a fixed place of address.

Some of the rent-to-own car companies also have a programme for first time buyers, also with no credit checks done. You put down a deposit and the pay really low monthly payments on your car that compares very favorably had you taken out an auto financing sum of money from a financial institution and you had to make regular monthly payments on your car.

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