Why Rent To Buy?

Struggling to get bank finance? Don’t want to take out a huge loan for your car?

A Rent to Buy car could be your best choice. With No Finance Cars there’s no need to worry about car finance approval and your monthly payments are fixed for 54 months. Read more benefits for No Finance Cars below.

You may have chosen our Rent to Buy programme primarily because you are blacklisted and struggling to get traditional finance. Read more about how Rent to Buy can benefit you.

With No Finance Cars

  • You have the flexibility to choose whether you want to keep the vehicle after 54 months or not.
  • You can terminate the contract earlier, subject to certain terms and conditions, giving you the option to drive the vehicle of your choice for a shorter period.
  • There is no middle-man, and no agent.
  • We have an unlimited supply of vehicles, and every vehicle on offer belongs to us.
  • Our monthly rates are substantially lower than other rent-to-buy programmes.
  • We provide a wide selection of late model, quality tested and checked pre-used vehicles.
  • Unlike any other rent to buy programme, No Finance Cars has fixed repayments over the term.
  • Unlike any other rent to buy programme our contracts have no mileage limitation.
  • No Finance Cars rent to buy programme has been designed to put you, the blacklisted client, in the driving seat.
  • You have the option to upgrade or downgrade your vehicle any time after the first 18 months.
  • Rentals are paid in arrears so you don’t have to pay large upfront fees, just our required deposit.

You Can Get A No Finance Car If:

  • You have no credit history
  • You don’t want to take a loan from the bank
  • You don’t want the risk of owning an asset that depreciates
  • You’re blacklisted or have a poor credit history

Contact us/ now to find out more, and apply for your no finance car.